Meet the Re-Action stewards

That’s right, we don’t see ourselves as managers or directors. We see our role as guiding the ship, participating in shaping the movement and serving our members and the broader Re-Action community.

  • Photo of Gavin Fernie-Jones

    Gavin Fernie-Jones

    Co-founder of Re-Action & Founder of One Tree at a Time

    Gav says “I love a patch. To me they are a symbol of protest and freedom.

    Freedom from stuff, from brands, influencers, advertising, and freedom from a system that places a value on my individual consumption and the things I own above all else.

    Freedom from a system that demands that we buy more stuff, one where growth is the only option. A system that plays on our insecurities and divides us into the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. A system that seeks to define our entire value as consumers.

    I’m more than capable of defining myself.

    I now feel free, before my life felt saturated. I’ve been on a journey clearing out space and time.

    The result is I’ve discovered that the less I consume the more I live, and I get more pleasure from a single day in the mountains over a lifetime of shopping.”

  • Photo of Heather Davies

    Heather Davies

    Re-Action Co-founder and Communications Lead

    Heather says: “I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors so I know for a fact that we don’t need the amount of new clothing and equipment that is being produced every year to enable us to enjoy being in and part of nature.

    I see the effects of climate change all around me and am also saddened that the outdoors has become a space enjoyed almost uniquely by white middle and upper classes.

    We must break down the barriers and democratise access to the outdoors. Part of the puzzle is making affordable, repairable and long-lasting kit accessible to everyone. I’m certain that when people spend more time outdoors, hearing, smelling and observing it, they are driven to want to protect it.”


Circularity Expert
  • Photo of Catherine Weetman

    Catherine Weetman

    Circular economy coach, consultant & author

    Catherine is a published author (A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains). She is also a speaker, university lecturer and facilitator. Catherine has a vision for results and the ability to tackle tough problems. She has a knack for simplifying complex issues with well- structured solutions, based on sound research and analysis.

    Catherine is using her extensive knowledge and experience in an advisory capacity for Re-Action.


  • Photo of Ellie Meredith

    Ellie Meredith

    Community Lead

    Ellie says: “The Re-Action collective has pulled me out of a dark spell of eco-anxiety and shifted my mindset towards citizen action. It’s like a breath of fresh air, restoring my hope in humanity. What sets Re-Action apart is its genuine sense of community; we really care about each other, and that support gives us the courage to be bold and brave.

    I love that we can all show up as citizens in whatever way works for us. We don’t need 100 perfect change-makers. We need 1 million imperfect ones. Change isn’t going to come from blaming others who don’t do as you do. But from identifying the commonality that we are all nature, and in protecting it we are conserving ourselves. We are presented with a rare chance to plant the seeds for a brighter tomorrow, a moment that comes once in a generation.”

Community & Content team
  • Photo of Courtney Flannagan

    Courtney Flannagan

    Re-Action graphic designer

    A first class honours graduate in graphic design and a self-confessed outdoor enthusiast. Her focus is primarily on branding and identity, for both print and digital media. She incorporates her passion for illustration to add creativity to bespoke designs and is responsible for the branding of both One Tree at a Time and Re-Action.

  • Photo of Andy Davies

    Andy Davies

    Low carbon website creator

    Andy is a keen snowboarder who has turned his passion for sustainability and web design into his day job. His mission to ‘green the internet, one site at a time’ is gathering pace and interest. Every site he produces breaks his PB for the lowest carbon site yet. Andy is charged with producing Re-Action’s website for maximum impact with the smallest carbon footprint.


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