How to #CitizenFriday Every Friday

It began as an anti-Black Friday campaign, but why not continue the #CitizenFriday principles of share, repair and get out in the fresh air?

Circular Economy

4 Ways to Create Demand for the Circular Economy

Find out how Re-Action creates demand in the outdoor industry for the circular economy (repair, second hand items and the rental / sharing economy)…

Photo of a sewing machine, with ringed hand sewing green fabric

10,000 Repairs: A Citizen Science Project

The 10,000 repairs campaign is designed to keep kit in use in the wild where it belongs and save planetary resources to boot. But there is another reason to get involved. Gathering information about what you’re repairing will help us understand how we can make a bigger impact. Find out more…

A 'fix it' station

10,000 Repairs – Getting Kit Back Into The Wild

10 000 repairs is a campaign by Re-Action to encourage people worldwide to repair their existing outdoor clothing and equipment. Repairing reduces our need to continually produce new items which has a detrimental effect on the environment. It also keeps existing items in use and out of landfill.

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