Hopefully you’re aware by now of the fantastic work Re-Action member organisations are undertaking to keep valuable outdoor clothing and equipment out of landfill and in action in the wild. (If you’re not up to speed check out this article). Rebranding is one such way that Re-Action is making a difference. Take a look at what our members are up to…

Some great rebranding examples

Wasteland Ski (creator of university ski trips) is donating 60 items of skiwear to Re-Action member Sheffield Clothing Repair. Becky will then rebrand these items, patching over their logo ready to resell them on her website. Proceeds from the sale fund Becky’s valuable repair work. She also donates 10% to The Archer Project (that helps homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield).

RealNZ, the company that runs Treble Cone and Cadrona ski resorts in New Zealand, is donating 200 ski uniforms to Re-Action member Wastebusters for rebranding. They will take this great quality kit, patch it up and sell it on to help fund their zero waste mission.

Re-Action member One Tree at a Time is running a patch-a-thon session. Volunteers will patch over the logos of the ski & snowboard schools that have donated out of date ski jackets and pants. They will then go on the rails ready to sell for the upcoming ski season in the northern hemisphere.

A Re-Action rebranded ski jacket

Why is rebranding so good?

  1. Our members are rescuing kit that might otherwise have ended up in landfill or incinerated (saving waste and reducing emissions)
  2. People will buy these items INSTEAD of buying new ones. This means we’re reducing the need to take more planetary resources and create more emissions linked to production
  3. Some of the proceeds support social and environmental causes
  4. The rest of the proceeds stay within local communities (our members are paid)
  5. We are spreading the Re-Action message
  6. We are making accessing the outdoors more affordable.

Who doesn’t love a win-win-win-win-win-win?

What happens to this kit at the end of its life?

If the person who bought an item of clothing from a Re-Action partner returns it when they’ve finished with it (our members have donation collection points), the likelihood is that the item will be donated locally or its components will be stripped out and the whole item repurposed. Zips and fastenings in working order will be re-used and fabric will be used to patch and repair. 

There is literally ZERO WASTE!

How can you get involved?

If your organisation has excess outdoor gear in storage or destined for landfill, think about all the advantages that can be gained by getting in touch. We help by linking you up with a Re-Action partner to take it off your hands.

If you have time to give, why not volunteer with one of our members. You don’t have to be a pro. Energy and a can-do attitude are the only prerequisites. Find out more about our members here.