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Re-Action member organisations are businesses, not-for-profits and clubs in the outdoor industry. They work with their communities to introduce circular models to reduce waste and carbon emissions and to save resources. Find out more about our members and the great work they are doing.

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One Tree at a Time

One Tree at a Time

One Tree at a Time is the founding member of Re-Action. Based in the French Alps, One Tree has been rescuing ski clothing and equipment from local businesses and individuals and reviving it ready for resale in their community hub and shop.

  • They began by holding ‘Fix it’ events to encourage their community to mend their existing kit rather than buy new. These events generated a lot of interest as well as keeping loads of items of ski clothing out of landfill.

  • The One Tree team has embraced “craftivism” (using crafts for action). They also invented the “crafternoon”, a weekly get-together to repair, sew, knit and be creative.

  • Their funds are used to run educational community workshops and to plant trees that encourage agricultural biodiversity in Africa.

Montagne Verte

Montagne Verte

Montagne Verte was founded in the resort town of Morzine, France, to develop solutions to help the mountains, people and biodiversity thrive. They exist to inform, inspire, encourage and integrate with their community and to educate and support businesses to become more sustainable.

  • They run a shop space where they sell pre-loved clothing to keep as much kit in circulation as possible.

  • Campaigning is a big part of what they do. Their latest campaigns have been centred on encouraging low carbon travel to, from and in resort.

  • The team have pooled their knowledge and resources to provide advice for businesses taking their pact to reduce waste.



EcoSki is an online retailer of ski and snowboard clothing. It exists to challenge the linear make-take-dispose model of ski wear production and ownership. Their goal is to help skiers make better choices, limit unnecessary purchases (and waste) and keep this hard-wearing kit in circulation for longer.

  • They help skiers repair their existing kit, to help reduce waste and keep clothing on the mountain for longer.

  • Their rental model reduces the need for people to buy ski clothing that they only use for one week a year.

  • Ecoski has planted thousands of trees in Madagascar via Ski for Trees.


Recognising the intrinsic value in running and cycling clothing, the team at ReRun has been exploring ways to close the loop and reduce the huge amounts of waste generated by race events. They also repurpose and resell shoes and clothing that have no end of life plan.

  • ReRun recover, repair (if needed) and resell pre-loved running kit on their website.

  • They educate runners how to take care of their kit to prolong its life (especially shoes). They also lobby manufacturers to consider the full lifecycle of their products.

  • ReRun have donated tonnes of clothing to refugees and to running groups working with vulnerable people in the UK.

Bluebird Exchange

Bluebird Exchange

Stephen Cousins, couldn’t believe there wasn’t a market place for affordable second hand outdoor gear. He therefore set out on a one man mission to create one. On his journey he was shocked to learn about the amount of clothing that is sent to landfill. Driven by a belief that the outdoors should be more environmentally friendly, affordable and inclusive he set up Bluebird Exchange.

  • Bluebird Exchange recovers clothing and equipment through donations and repair and list items for sale on their website.

  • They run workshops to educate people within the outdoor sector how to implement circular models for a more sustainable future.

  • Stephen works with charities to get school uniform and outdoor clothing to people who can’t afford to buy it themselves. is an outdoor shop located in Hathersage in the Peak District in the UK. Driven by a passion for the outdoors, they are starting to introduce more sustainable practices to help protect, and encourage others to protect their local environment.

  • Outside have introduced a donation bin and a second hand rail in their shop. They also offer a repair service in conjunction with Sheffield Clothing Repair, to help keep good kit in circulation.

  • They have installed solar panels to generate electricity to run their shop.

  • They are involved in a local project to restore peatlands. Peatlands provide an essential carbon store, are a habitat for wildlife, and have an important role in water management.

RunRun Belgique

RunRun Belgique

RunRun Belgique love running. Their mission is to combat the overproduction, overconsumption, waste and carbon emissions generated by the running industry. They want people to continue to enjoy running whilst causing the minimum amount of harm to the planet.

  • Fred & Jérome rescue running kit, reinvigorate it where needed (they have amazing skills at breathing new life into running shoes) and sell it on, giving it a new lease of life.

  • They spread the word at every running event they attend, lobbying organisers to stop producing wasteful finisher t-shirts.

  • They donate some of their profits to plant trees to help combat the effect of CO2 emissions.

The Little Loop

The Little Loop

The Little Loop is a shared wardrobe for children. It is a way for parents to rent children’s clothing and when the season changes or they grow out of it, they can simply swap them.

  • The Little Loop model keeps clothing in use for a year longer than it would be used otherwise.

  • They have reduced the environmental impact of children’s clothes by a whopping 80% (80% less CO2 emission and 80% less water). Now that is something to be proud of.

  • They use zero waste packaging and not one item of clothing goes to landfill. At the end of their life, some clothes are used to make patches to repair other items and the rest is recycled by their partners at the Salvation Army. is a peer to peer website for selling pre-loved ski gear. goal is to promote sustainability in the winter sports sector, keep textiles out of landfill and help make it easier for people buy affordable ski and snowboard clothing.

  • WhoSki’s peer to peer platform allows people to list kit they no longer use and helps others buy pre-loved rather than brand new.

  • WhoSki help people #skigreen with their directory of sustainable businesses, resorts and resources within the winter sports industry. Easy to access on their website, it helps everyone make climate-friendly decisions about their ski/snowboard activities.

  • WhoSki donate 25% of its commission on every sale to teenage mental health charity stem4.

Sheffield Clothing Repair

Sheffield Clothing Repair

Becky at Sheffield Clothing Repair gives old or damaged clothes a new lease of life. She specialises in repairing outdoor clothing on a (very eco-friendly) manual Singer sewing machine.

  • Nothing goes to waste. Becky uses as much reclaimed material as possible to make her repairs. She also contacts brands directly for matching materials and spares.

  • She is working with, providing a valuable repair service to their shop customers.

  • They use zero waste packaging and not one item of clothing goes to landfill. At the end of their life, some clothes are used to make patches to repair other items and the rest is recycled by their partners at the Salvation Army.

KitUp is the AirBnB for outdoor equipment. It allows us all to get outdoors more often, in a cheaper and more sustainable way.


  • Their circular model ensures that our kit gets the use that it was made for, rather than gathering dust in the garage.

  • They educate their community with newsletters on key environmental updates, how to be environmentally conscious when outdoors, and about the latest sustainable clothing and equipment.

  • KitUp is going through the B-Corp Impact Assessment as well as joining 1% For the Planet.

White Storm

White Storm

White Storm specialises in ski rental in Meribel and Courchevel. A passionate independent alpine business peopled by real ski and snowboard enthusiasts with a professional service, a great range of skis & snowboards & a mobile fitting service.

  • White Storm have teamed up with One Tree at a Time to reduce their environmental impact by recycling, reducing energy & fuel consumption, switching to eco-wax and more.

  • They support the Snow Camp charity that works with disadvantaged inner city youths to encourage a love of snow sports and the outdoors.

  • Their partnership with One Tree lead them to trial a rental rail of repurposed ski jackets and pants (that may otherwise have ended up in landfill). The service was a huge success and they have plans to expand it next season.



Tentshare’s mission is to contribute to a more sustainable way of living without compromise. Tentshare is committed to creating a sharing, caring, camping community.

  • Campers can make money by renting their tent to others in their local community. If you don’t own a tent, you can save money by renting a tent from someone in your local community. The Tentshare community is helping to reduce consumption and waste whilst also contributing to the local and circular economy.

  • Tentshare is collaborating with Camplight to reduce tent waste at festivals. Did you know that renting a tent and taking the train reduces your festival carbon emissions by up to 75%?
  • Tentshare encourages people outside to reconnect with nature and the magnificent earth we live on by promoting camping.

Earth Runs

Earth Runs

Earth Runs inspire people to get active and rewards them by planting trees and protecting wild areas, showing them the positive impact their activity has on our natural world. Earth Runs works with organisations, event organisers and schools to promote an active lifestyle that gives back to the planet.

  • Knowing that people still like to have a tangible award for completing a challenge, Earth Runs has developed the first ever biodegradable seeded medal. Handmade from recycled paper by Social Enterprises and micro-businesses to minimise industrial waste.
  • Every runner, walker or roller that takes part in an Earth Runs challenge receives an Impact Report to see what a difference they have made to the planet, the wildlife and the people who plant the trees.
  • To date, they have planted over 60,000 trees, inspired 30,000 miles of activities and saved 10,000 cheap medals from going to landfill.

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