Fossil Fuels Non-Proliferation Treaty

Add your voice to phase out fossil fuels!

Sign to show your support for the Fossil Fuels Non-Proliferation Treaty as the future of fossil fuels hangs in the balance. Find out how.

How to #CitizenFriday Every Friday

It began as an anti-Black Friday campaign, but why not continue the #CitizenFriday principles of share, repair and get out in the fresh air?

Don’t Shop, Be A Citizen!

The opposite of a consumer is a citizen, someone who acts with others in their community to find collective agency. Find out how…

Don’t Shop, Get Some Fresh Air!

Black Friday is designed to get us shopping, but it’s leading to an overconsumption problem. Why not use your agency to get outdoors instead, it’s better for you and the planet too.

Don’t Shop, Repair!

Repair can save us money, reduce waste, teach us new skills, build connections and more. Find out how through our #CitizenFriday campaign.

Don’t Shop, Share!

The sharing economy can save us money, reduce waste, save space and build connection. Find out how through our #CitizenFriday campaign.

Share more consume less

We Don’t Each Need to Own a Hammer

Adopting a sharing culture in our communities has multiple benefits, not least helping us reduce consumption and waste. Find out more…

Circular Economy

4 Ways to Create Demand for the Circular Economy

Find out how Re-Action creates demand in the outdoor industry for the circular economy (repair, second hand items and the rental / sharing economy)…

Making the outdoors more affordable and accessible

Kitsquad: Making Getting Outdoors Affordable For Everyone

“Encourage people outdoors and provide affordable access to outdoor kit”.

Re-Action Collective