Why 10,000 Repairs?

The most sustainable outdoor clothing and equipment are those items you already own. 

It’s simple logic. Using the kit we own (or that exists within our community) reduces the need to produce new stuff. The production of new items and disposal of used items contributes enormously to the climate disaster we are facing today.

Join us in giving Mother Earth a helping hand by repairing your existing kit today and help us reach our target of 10,000 repairs in 2022!


  1. Find an item in need of repair
  2. Make your repair (online tutorials can help here)
  3. Take a photo and register your repair with Re-Action
  4. Wear / use / sell / donate your repaired item with joy!
  5. Post about your repair on Instagram tagging @re_action_collective and using the hashtag #ReAction10000Repairs

Whether you are a Re-Action member, a shop, a club or an individual, you can get involved and have your repairs counted!


You can start logging your repairs on 21st June 2022 (the northern hemisphere summer solstice). We’re hoping to reach 10,000 repairs worldwide by the winter solstice on 21 December 2022. Why these dates? It just feels right to us to link our campaign to one of nature’s incredible cycles.

How many repairs can I register?

As many as you like! The more items you repair the better for the planet. And don’t stop there. Spread the word by posting about your repair on Instagram and encourage others to join the campaign.

What if I don’t know how to repair my item?

Online tutorials might be able to help you out here (check out this post on Wikihow for example). It’s often not as hard as it looks. Start by working out how to do it and gathering the things you need to make your repair. 

Another option may be to tap into a local community group. One Tree At A Time in the French Alps has started a series of ‘crafternoons’ designed to get people together in a relaxed and friendly format to help each other out with repairs. Working together has spurred them on and allowed them to share skills and knowledge too.

One Tree At A Time Crafternoon / Repair Session

What if I don’t have the time or expertise to repair my clothes?

All is not lost! Contact a repair company like Sheffield Clothing Repair or a clothing company that offers repair services like EcoSki. Send them your item of clothing and they will log their work with us and send your item back to you repaired and ready to go. 

How can I track the 10 000 repair campaign’s progress?

We will update the campaign section of our website weekly with the latest stats to tell you how many repairs have been made around the world. Check our Instagram account for photos and examples of the repairs being made too.

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