What is the 10,000 repairs campaign?

10,000 repairs is a campaign run by Re-Action. It encourages people world-wide to repair their clothing and outdoor equipment rather than binning it, where it will end up in landfill, or leaving it lingering in a garage, cellar, attic, wardrobe or spare bedroom.

With so much intrinsic value, it’s up to us to maintain our kit, use it to the maximum, repair it and use it some more before considering buying new. The benefits of doing this are far reaching. Not only is this an inflation busting strategy that can save you money, but you can learn new skills, save much needed planetary resources and reduce your carbon footprint to boot.

Participating in the campaign couldn’t be easier. Simply log a few basic details of each repair you do on this online form. It takes approximately one minute. If you have one minute longer, post a photo of your repair to Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us (re_action_collective) and use the hashtag #reaction10000repairs to help us spread the word.

What do you mean by Citizen Science Project?

First and foremost, Re-Action wants to help you keep your kit out of landfill and in use, where it belongs. We’re in the business of working with organisations and individuals to save resources and protect our natural environments. That said, there is another benefit of the 10,000 repairs project.

With hundreds of participants across the globe and thousands of repairs being logged, we hope to gain an understanding of what type of items need repairing most often, what sort of repairs you’re making, which brands you’re mending and much more.

Why will this information be helpful?

This information will help us help you and our member organisations. How? It will allow us us to provide targeted advice on how to repair the most common problems. We will also use it to find solutions to prevent certain types of wear and tear before they even happen. 

We believe products should not have built-in obsolescence (where items are designed to deteriorate or date quickly in order to push people to re-buy). To our mind, people should also have the right to repair their kit. We therefore plan to use the data we collect to lobby brands. We want to encourage them to make their products more hardwearing and make spare parts available to make home repair quick and easy.

Will you participate?

Over to you. We need as many participants in this project as possible if we’re to make the biggest difference. Becoming a citizen scientist couldn’t be easier. Dig out a damaged item of clothing or outdoor equipment, get repairing and log your repair with Re-Action by hitting the button below.