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Keeping outdoor kit in action

We formed Re-Action to keep kit out of landfill and to challenge the take-make-use-dispose model.

What is Re-Action?

About the collective

Re-Action is a social enterprise. We help our member organisations save resources, reduce waste and cut carbon emissions.

How? By sharing best practice on rescuing products, reviving them through repair and repurposing them. We advise on the best ways to redistribute items through resale, rental and donation and how to reallocate profits to regenerate the outdoors. The engagement of outdoor sports communities is key to this model.

A benefit of our work is that it makes snow sports, cycling, climbing, surfing, sailing and getting outdoors in the right kit more affordable and accessible.

Re-Action for Member Organisations

Why join the collective?

Benefits for organisations

Reduce waste and your organisation’s carbon footprint by introducing circular models into your operations.

Gain more visibility for your organisation amongst climate-conscious outdoor enthusiasts.

Collaborate with like-minded organisations.

Learn how to engage your local community through ‘Fix it’ events & educational workshops.

Benchmark your activities and gain recognition through Re-Action certification.

Benefits for Organisations

How to get a re-action

  • Close the loop & increase revenues

    Rescue clothing and equipment from manufacturers and your community. Sell repaired & repurposed gear. This is more environmentally friendly and adds a revenue stream to your organisation.

  • Engage your community through events

    Up-skill your community through ‘Fix-it’ events and repair and maintenance workshops. This engages and aligns them with your purpose.

  • Repair services add value & purpose

    Repairing clothing and equipment gives people another reason to visit and/or engage with you.

How it helps

“It's giving us a platform to grow”

Re-Action has been amazing for connecting Bluebird to other likeminded organisations where we can share ideas, gain inspiration and ultimately work to change the system together.

Re-Action for Citizens



Engage with Re-Action collective member organisations for access to a new, circular, outdoor equipment and clothing model.

Being a Re-Action Citizen means repairing your kit, connecting with your local community of outdoor enthusiasts, learning new skills and buying purposefully and affordably, with minimum climate impact.

Beyond that, it’s realising that you can be the change you want to see. You too can hold events, engage and empower your friends, family, club, local shop and community.

Sign up to our Re-Action citizens’ newsletter to find out more about how together, we can change the model.

Re-Action for Citizens

Re-action for the people

  • Affordable outdoor clothing & equipment

    Our members repair, repurpose and resell kit which belongs in the outdoors. You’ll find used gear with plenty of life left in it.

  • Get inspired and empower others

    Let us help you shift the narrative and become part of the change that will protect the outdoors we love

  • Find repair services or learn to repair yourself

    Repairing zips, rips, seams and more and holding repair workshops. Our members will help you keep your kit in the outdoors for longer.

Re-Action Campaign

10,000 REPAIRS


Be part of our campaign to log 10,000 repairs by the end of 2022.


Because we need to make our kit last longer for the sake of the planet. It’s time to relearn to maintain and repair our gear to save our planet’s resources, reduce carbon emissions and limit the effects of climate change.

Join the #10000repairs challenge

Dig out any damaged clothing or equipment from your wardrobes, spare room, loft, garage, cellar, make your repair, log it, shout about it and get your kit back out into the wild!

The Re-Action collective’s impact to date

TOGETHER WE make an impact

  • 1,000s of items of clothing repaired and repurposed for sale and rental

  • 25+ maintenance and repair workshops held

  • Tonnes of clothing and equipment collected for donation to refugee charities, food distributed

  • Craftivists supported, fix-it events held

  • Over 100k trees planted, peat bog restoration in progress, awareness raising events held

The Re-Action Collective

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