Making the outdoors more accessible

We formed Re-Action to challenge product marketing that tells us we need shiny new, highly technical kit to access the outdoors. We live in the outdoors and we know this isn’t true. We also know a lack of access to basic outdoor kit and absence of community are barriers to people getting outside and active for the benefit of their physical and mental health.

What is Re-Action?

About the collective

Re-Action amplifies the voice and impact of sustainability pioneers in the outdoor sports sector. We build our impact by engaging with existing outdoor sports communities.

How? Through a collective of kindred spirits. Working together we share the know-how to drive the future of conscious outdoor gear. Our members rescue products, revive them through repair and rebranding and repurpose them. They then redistribute items through resale, rental and donation and reallocate profits to regenerate the outdoors.

Together, we make getting outdoors, running, cycling, climbing, surfing, sailing and participating in snow sports more affordable and accessible, reshaping how people engage with the outdoors for the better.

How can you get involved?

Join the movement


Tap into our directory (coming soon) of Re-Action Collective members. It’s an empowering hub for conscious citizens providing access to affordable, quality outdoor gear and repair services.

Discover real stories of impact.

Find your agency. Repair your kit, connect with your local community of outdoor enthusiasts, learn new skills and buy purposefully and affordably. In doing so you’ll be supporting creative people within your community as well as benefitting from their knowledge and expertise.

You can also be the change you want to see. Find people who share your passions and hold your own events to engage and empower your friends, family, club, local shop and community.

Sign up to our Re-Action citizens’ newsletter to find out more about how, together, we can change the model.


Our why

What are we protesting?

Growth at all costs

Outdoor apparel companies are stuck in a system that demands growth. They are financed by wealth funds and answerable to shareholders. As a result, brands are producing tonnes and tonnes of gear, taking measures that undermine the quality and longevity of outdoor kit and selling stories about technical enhancements that play on our insecurities and contribute to mental health problems. All of this uses countless resources, produces enormous amounts of emissions that damage the natural environment and prices people out of accessing the outdoors.

We don’t need kit with technical names and this season’s colours to be happier and healthier and a valuable member of society.

We need community, connection, agency and to remember that we’re part of nature, not adjacent to it.

How Re-Action helps its members

“We are more connected”

“We’re aware of our strengths and limitations and operate in a way that is aligned with improving factors within our sphere of influence. We are more connected as an organisation and more clear on what we need to keep doing to improve our events. There is clarity in our actions, which didn’t exist before. Re-Action has helped us focus and feel much more accountable, in a very positive way.”

Re-Action for organisations

Why join?

Why become a member?

It’s free to join and your voice counts.

Be part of something bigger and gain collective agency.

Become more visible and build momentum for your organisation. Lead the change.

Collaborate with like-minded organisations to develop and spread your solutions.

Learn how to engage and mobilise your local community through events & workshops.




#CitizenFriday began as an anti-Black Friday campaign but has evolved into a campaign designed to help you rediscover your agency more generally. Each Friday (or another day of the week, whatever works for you) make up your mind to do one of the following and we’re confident you’ll be surprised at how a few small actions can evolve into something more meaningful.


Share your time, knowledge, expertise, outdoor gear. Volunteer, car-share with someone, embrace the sharing economy and monetise your kit whilst helping get someone else outdoors.
More info here.


Either learn to repair yourself (there are loads of online tutorials) or find a skilled seamster or seamstress in your local area. Alternatively support someone who is turning waste materials into quality new products.
Read more about repair here.


Getting outdoors and reconnecting with nature is the best natural high on earth. Connect with your environment and other people, discover new places and activities and learn new ways of engaging with the outdoors.
Read our article all about getting outdoors here.

The Re-Action collective’s impact to date

TOGETHER WE make an impact

  • Over 35,700 items kept out of landfill

  • 7300+ items resold

  • 24,600+ items rented

  • Numerous fix-it events and workshops held

  • Over 260,000 trees planted and peat bog restoration in progress

The Re-Action Collective


The organisations that make up the collective are a brilliant bunch of resellers of second hand gear, skilled repairers, repurposing enterprises, rental businesses, peer-to-peer lending, selling and rental platforms, benevolent organisations, regenerative operations and more. They have joined the collective to share their knowledge and experience with likeminded people, to feel supported and understood and to gain more visibility for the important work they do.

Where Next?

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